Your Local Store Mini Tulsi Plant Container Handmade With OM and Swastik Design Glossy Finish Ceramic Pot Indoor Outdoor Planter Home Garden Office Decor Plant Container Set Ceramic White Color Plant Container Set (Ceramic)

High temperature fired ceramic, handmade and glazed. Good quality clay to ensure durability and longevity. Suitable for Indian climate. IDEAL for herbs, succulent, indoor and outdoor plants both real and artificial. Clean finish for contemporary look. A positive and eco-friendly gift item for any nature or gardening enthusiast and hobbyist. These items are handmade so each piece is unique which makes them even more exclusive. There’s a built-in drainage hole that protects it from over-watering. Place it on a saucer that can collect the excess water. Cute and attractive this little piece looks great when displayed on your balcony, window ledge or garden

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