Xezbi Earbuds M10 Air-Pro Wireless Earphone Touch Control Wireless Headphones With Mic Bluetooth Headset (Black, True Wireless)

XEZBI presents M-10 true wireless Bluetooth earphones Charging Case + Super Mini is a wireless charging to use the whole day without any irritation. It is specially designed for your soft ears with the latest and new model for a complete solution for your all worries while you are in the gym, driving, or running. Use Headset to make your life stress less. Clear and soft sound super headset with easy and automatic pairing in few seconds. Experience and imagine yourself in the world of music. It is specially designed to soothe your soft ear with a piece of soft sound music. While driving wireless headset keeps you relaxed from the annoying sound of traffic. Keep yourself relax with full entertainment and can share your happiness with others. Headphones with flexibility, easy, simple, and automatic paired with your device with multiple functions. Keeps you free and makes your life easy while running or jogging or enjoying unlimited sports. High-quality sound of unmatched comfort and stability support your ear softly. Feel free to contact us for more information or for any queries. Wireless Bluetooth with a soft and relaxing sound. It is a DOUBLE earphone with a charging cable and earbud. A hand-free phone is comfortable to take during travel. Press the MFB button for 3 seconds to switch off and will get the notification to switch off. Steps to connect Keep 1 meter distance between your phone and headset. Press and hold “MFB” when the headset is off until red and blue light flashes Go to the function of your mobile phone and turn on “Bluetooth” pair the earphone with your phone and enjoy the features.

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