Jimkia Ceramic Plant Container For Tulsi & Small Plants With Dia Holder Plant Container Set (Ceramic)

Jimkia Present amazing collection of planters and plant decorative. We are delivering happiness in the form of lovely planters and helping the world to be greener than it was yesterday. Planters are the perfect addition to your work desks, living room, kitchen countertops and overall home decor. Our timeless designs ensure your vibrant plants and succulents look even better. If you want to add a personal touch of happiness to your home or room, this one is the perfect planter for it. We see it chilling out in our balconies or house entrance,welcoming our guests with a smile. Ideal for herbs, succulent, indoor and outdoor plants both real and artificial.Clean finish for contemporary look. A positive and Eco-friendly gift Item for any nature or gardening enthusiast and hobbyist.Comes with a Water Drainage Whole at the bottom that allows water to flow through soil so live plants stay happy and healthy.

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