HOZCRAFT Plant Container Set (Wood)

Teak Wood Tulsi Planter Stand with Pot is designed to keep the most benificial Tulsi Plant. The dimension of Wooden Planter stand is L6xB6xH6 Inches (15.4×15.4×15.4 cm). The material used to make this Planter Stand is Teak Wood (Sagon or Sagwan). We provide plastic pot which perfectly fit in this. This Planter Stand is Water Proof as Teak Wood is water Proof so the regular watering to plant will not damage the planter. This is Handcrafted, modern and decorative planter. Teak wood is Durable and compare to Plastic or stainless steel planter stand it is long lasting. The finish of Teak wood is natural and easily mix with Plant, which makes our Planter stand more beautiful. This can be used in Home Indoor or Outdoor Garden, Office Indoor or Outdoor Garden. This will be the perfect choice for your Home or Office decor

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